What is The Straitjacket tarot?

Yes Virginia, there really is a Straitjacket Tarot!

The Straitjacket Tarot is a real, working tarot deck designed by artist and straitjacket fetishist  Paul Straitjacket (it's Paul Ybarra's fetish alias) in 2021. The deck itself is a 78 card deck that was created by hand in watercolor, pencil and ink.  Absolutely no computer, digital or AI created work went into this project and the artist prides himself on that specifically. The actual 78 art works were created on 12x18 Italian cold-pressed watercolor paper.

The deck is a limited edition series of only 200.  The cards are printed on full color 4x6 premium playing card stock  to showcase the art of the arcana. Each deck is signed and numbered and come with a full color 24 page collectors booklet. 

"I happen to like straitjackets…A LOT. I designed and printed this  full 78 tarot card deck that features all original art of the tarot, and every archetype of the major and minor arcana are of me in a straitjacket and red speedo. Straitjackets are my passion, and so is The Tarot. I created a tarot deck that spoke to me as a reader and also as a lover of all things straitjackets. Maybe it’ll speak to you too and open a door to fetish undiscovered, just waiting to be explored. Sometimes, following your dreams requires a straitjacket and speedo! "- Paul Straitjacket, artist

The Straitjacket Tarot is available only through our website shop. 

The Straitjacket Tarot Complete Deck and Booklet Set features the full extra large 4"x6" premium 78 card deck featuring both the complete major and minor arcana! The Deck is housed in its own premium smooth full color tuck box and both the cards and box are absolutely alive in glorious technicolor-toned magic and beauty! The Straitjacket Tarot Deck also includes a beautiful 4x6 signed and numbered bonus card, and includes the full color 6"x9" collectors booklet which includes the complete artwork of each major and minor arcana cards (in their respective suits and order). Included in this complete set is the 3"x5" full color sticker that features the Straitjacket Tarot box art and two of the promotional postcards for the Straitjacket Tarot (featuring The Hanged Man)!, The rare "Embrace Your Fetishes" die-cut sticker, Straitjacket Tarot Fan Club Membership Card and welcome letter! 

Everything in the Straitjacket Tarot (the deck, booklet, stickers and all material) is created, printed and manufactured in the USA! 

Shipping with insurance and tracking is included via USPS. Shipping is within two business days.

Below are two videos for The Straitjacket Tarot Deck. The first is a 90 second formal introduction (!) and the second is a 48 second tour of the actual deck. Both are narrated by the artist!